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Welcome to the editor home page!


Version 0.4 is out with most of the sanity menu implemented. It is now possible to perform a basic syntax check, as well as searching for duplicate variable names and duplicate values inside CHOICE, LIST and MATRIX. As usual, there are screenshots available.


Version 0.3 is out. There is a lot of minor changes and bug fixes, but the large thing of interest is that there is a first implementation of the routing editor as well as a graphical route diagram. I've added screenshots of these features.


New release, version 0.2. Now it's actually possible to save and load projects. Moving components around work both with menu options and drag and drop. Deleting components and adding pages works too. The XML export should make semi-valid surveys now. The editor is rapidly approaching something looking like usable in practise, but don't surprised if it eats your data for breakfast. And oh, there's a splash now too. :-)


Today my secret editor project reached the state in which it can at least be presented as a concept of what is to come. By no means is it finished, but import and export works decently and you can use it to create a functional survey. At least if you don't get crazy ideas such as wanting to delete or move around questions. Check out the overview and screenshots section for more info.